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The burial of Theotokos and her Assumption to Heaven (D. Loverdos Museum)

Icon with obvious influences from the western art. Painted by Konstantinos Kontaris from the Ionian Islands.
Dionysios Loverdos Collection

Creator: Konstantinos Kontaris
Measurement: 107 x 101 cm
Exhibit Number: ΒΧΜ 13239

🚶‍♀️🚶 Explore the "D. Loverdos Museum" - Annex of the Byzantine & Christian Museum, in the center of Athens (6 Mavromichali Str.), which is housed in the mansion that Ernst Ziller used as his residence until 1912, when it was bought by the founder - manager of the "Ionian and Laiki" Bank Dionysios Loverdos. The Collection of images, manuscripts, woodcarvings and micro-craft objects assembled by Dionysios Loverdos are exhibited there.

🕣 Opening hours: 08:30 – 15:30,
Tuesday: closed

☎️  Info: 210 3392147