2008 international architecture research events

The Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum

in collaboration with SARCHA (School of ARCHitecture for All)


The un-built has been historically associated with the so-called utopian or visionary architectural projects and with the operation of drawing

or architecture writing as a critical tool.

The 2008 international programme will run for the whole year in the form of small-scale exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences and other events that will investigate the theme of the ‘un-built’ in a multidisciplinary context.


Following an international call, 60 events

proposals were selected which address aspects of the un-built, historical and contemporary, in a variety of ways. The events have been grouped together under broader themes. Each theme

corresponds to a month as follows:


Building Economies, May 2008

Body/Psyche, June 2008

Un-built, City July 2008

Sound/Silence-Theology, September 2008

Art, October 2008

Publics, November 2008

Genealogies of the Un-built, December 2008 


Byzantine and Christian Museum

22 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue,

106 75 Athens, Greece