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5 small artworks - 5 short human stories - Rescheduling for the closing event of the temporary exhibition: The Byzantine world of Tassos Mantzavinos

13 March 2023

The postponed concluding event of the recent temporary exhibition: "The Byzantine World of Tassos Mantzavinos", has been rescheduled for Friday, March 17 (2023), from 12.00 - 14.30, at the Reception Hall of the D. Loverdos Museum - Annex of the Byzantine & Christian Museum, in the center of Athens (6 Mavromichali Str.).

In the first part of the event, Fr. Periandros Epitropakis, Archaeologist and Head of the Department of Exhibitions, Communication & Education, will present five artworks created by the artist during the preparation of the above-mentioned solo exhibition and which are characteristic examples of the way in which the artistic idea is conceived and transformed into a work of art by the particular artist.

A central position among these five artworks is occupied by the realization in a three-dimensional sculpture with an additional color intervention of an earlier drawing by the artist, which now belongs to “The Sotiris Felios Collection”. This new sculptural work is the result of the collaboration of Tassos Mantzavinos with the sculptor Antonis Myrodias and, after its presentation, the two artists will publicly discuss about there collaboration.

Immediately afterwards, a short video of the restoration of another from the exhibited Mantzavinos artworks will be shown, and in the break between the first and second parts of the event, the public will be able to admire all artworks in question, which will be on display for about a month at the Loverdos Museum, accompanied by relevant information material.

The second musical part of the event, lasting 60 minutes, includes suite no. 1 for solo cello and Air from the orchestral suite no. 3 for cello and piano by Johann Sebastian Bach. Stefanos Yiannopoulos will be on cello and Despina Paraskeva on piano.

For participation in this event, there will be a priority for 60 people.