Byzantine and Christian Museum :: Sculpture

Table leg with the Good Shepherd (00002)

BXM: 000002
Exhibition room: I.1 Old forms-New symbols

Date: 4th c.

Dimensions (cm): 0,73X 0,2
Provenance: Corinth

The Good Shepherd takes the form of a shepherd boy with a ram over his shoulders.  It stands on a circular base with two tiny ?lambs [lit. rams] looking up at him.  The subject of the Good Shepherd was very popular in Late Antique monuments, such as − in addition to table supports − sarcophagi, wall-paintings in tombs, and lamps.  Its spread was facilitated by the multiple meanings inherent in this figure, which can express a wide range of virtues, equally acceptable in both pagan and Christian circles.  The piece, which was found in Ancient Corinth, is considered a product of a workshop from Asia Minor.