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Fragment of a wall-painting with a monk in a boat (01749)

BXM: 001749
Exhibition room:

Date: 1751

Dimensions (cm): 40,5 x 60
Provenance: Demolished church of Panagia, Delphi ancient Gymnasium, Fokida

In the surviving part of the scene a boat is depicted at sea.  In the bows a monk is seated, turned to the right, and pointing at what was happening in the – now lost – right-hand and upper parts of the composition.  Around the boat can be seen sea monsters, two of which are disgorging human body parts.  The scene was probably part of a larger composition of the Second Coming.  In depictions of this subject there were often, from the late Byzantine centuries onwards, detailed interpretations of the Book of Revelations. Among other things they rendered the phrase "the sea gave up the dead which were in it" (Rev. 20,13), which is probably what is happening here. The wall-painting comes from a church in Delphi, now destroyed.