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Independent educational visits

Teachers can take their students on independent educational visits around the Byzantine and Christian Museum without taking part in a specific educational programme. Numerous educational routes can be traced through the Museums permanent and temporary exhibitions, allowing teachers to:
    Select just some of an exhibitions thematic units, thereby sparing their students a tiring and ineffective tour of the entire Museum.
    Combine artefacts displayed in different units to illustrate a theme of the teachers own choosing, independent of the Museums exhibition proposal.
    Use a temporary exhibition in combination with related thematic units or artefacts in the permanent exhibition.
    Use the Museums printed educational material in any way they choose.
In this way, teachers can adapt their visit to the needs of their students and to their approach to the teaching of different thematic areas, in terms both of the syllabus and teaching methodologies employed.
The Byzantine and Christian Museum provides support for school visits of this sort through the staging of regular informational meetings for interested teachers.
Contact the Educational Programmes Office to book school visits  or places for teachers on the Museums educational seminars.