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The Modern Applications of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Bookbinding project is part of the 3rd Community Support Framework Operational Programme (Attica Regional Operational Programme, 2000-2006, Measure 1.2). The project is being jointly implemented by the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the National Research Foundation / Institute for Byzantine Research (IBE) and the Hellenic Society for Book Binding (ELEBIB) in collaboration with Salfo & Associates and Ekdoseis tou Foinika Publications.

The project aims to design and develop an innovative system of modern applications to support the processes involved in producing replicas of decorative book-bindings and creations inspired by the Byzantine and Christian Museums early printed book and manuscripts collection, and by depictions of Byzantine book-binding held in the IBE and ELEBIB collections.

The project is expected to include inter alia the digitization of a significant number of artefacts from the above collections, the organization of the resulting digital content into a database, and the creation of a multimedia guide to Byzantine and post-Byzantine book-binding.