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The diARTgnosis: Study of European Religious Painting project was part of the CULTURE 2000 Programme, and took place between 2000 and 2003. The project sought to study and understand the similarities and differences, as well as the influences and interactions, between the cultures of Europe through the study of religious painted depictions since the 15th century.

The Byzantine and Christian Museum studied, documented and presented icons from the D. Loverdos collection which illustrate how the Byzantine tradition survived in the post-Byzantine world, and the influences exerted on that tradition by Western art. The project was coordinated by the Antiquities and Art-works Conservation Department at the Athens TEI, and was jointly staged by the Accademia di Belle Art "A. Galli" (Italy), Technische Universität München (Germany), Universidad del Pais Vasco (Spain), and University of Westminster (UK).