Facsimile of a chrysobull issued (1301) by Andronikos II Palaiologos (13th-14th c. ). (23105)

BXM: 023105
Exhibition room: II.1 Authority and administration

Date: 2006

Dimensions (cm): 197X26
Creator: Dimitrios Nikolianos

The facsimile was made in 2006 by the Byzantine Museums painter Dimitris Nikolianos, commissioned by the Byzantine Museums Director Demetrios onstantios. The artist conducted a detailed research on the original manuscript (on both the materials and the content) and created a facsimile.
[For details on the artists research and work see his article On the copying of manuscripts, ILISSIA 5-6, Autumn 2009-Spring 2010, 126-131].
The facsimile, which was made in order to replace the original providing protection for the ancient fragile item and covering the needs for temporary loans, has already been displayed in temporary exhibitions around the world (Paris, Constantinople).