Glazed ceramic bowl with a low base (01307)

BXM: 001307
Exhibition room: II.7 Aspects of public and private life

Date: Late 13th/14th c.

Dimensions (cm): 9,5 Χ 16 Χ 7,5

A small, glazed, ceramic bowl with a low base. White slip covers the inner surface of the vessel and has been used to paint tongues on the outer surface.  The inner surface has sgraffito decoration: a bird in a medallion with speckled body. Brownish yellow glaze covers the interior of the vessel and the edge of the outer lip. In the well of the cup signs of ceramic tripod stilts having been used can be seen (see no. 7).
    The vessel is dated to the late Byzantine period, and more specifically to the end of the 13th or the 14th century. At this time dishes are changing in shape.  They are becoming smaller and deeper, being intended for liquid foods, such as soups and broths.  Economic reasons or perhaps even the influence of the Franks had probably brought about this change in the eating habits of the Byzantines.