Clay jug (01318)

BXM: 001318
Exhibition room: II.7 Aspects of public and private life

Date: 14th c.

Dimensions (cm): 14 Χ 4,5
Provenance: St Demetrios, Thessaloniki

Clay jug with repairs to the handles and the lower part of the body. It has a round body, a tall, cylindrical neck and two handles.  The decoration of spiral motifs and vertical lines which covers the greater part of the vessel uses the slip painting technique.  This is when the slip, that is a dilute solution of clay and water, is used as a painting medium straight onto the surface of the clay.  Green glaze covers the decoration.  The jug was found by George Sotiriou in excavations in the Basilica of St Demetrios in Thessaloniki and is dated to the 14th century