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Glazed ceramic sedent censer (01033)

BXM: 001033
Exhibition room: II.3 Worship and art

Date: 12th

Dimensions (cm): 3 Χ 15,6 Χ 12,8

Glazed, ceramic sedent censer (katsion), missing a large part of the body and the earthenware pipe for the handle.  The surviving round disk was joined by its upper part to another containing a cavity in which the incense was placed. Along the lower edge of the fragment an earthenware pipe is preserved which held the wooden handle. The outer surface of the censer is covered with a layer of white slip. It has sgraffito decoration of a bird with a human head, probably a siren or a harpy.  The glaze on the vessel has a greenish tinge. Ceramic sedent censers are very rare and only a few examples have survived to the present day. It is dated to the 12th century.