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Soteur - Sotiris Fokeas. Dream. Acrylic and ink on canvas (190 520 cm), 2022

The inclusion in an historical exhibition of a work by the artist Soteur (Sotiris Fokeas) is an exceptional choice. His work Dream accompanies the exhibition “Smyrna in the Early 20th Century. Through the Eyes of the Byzantinist Georgios Lampakis”, being a contemporary artistic creation that conveys a dreamlike and playful outlook on the city of Smyrna —an outlook beyond the available narratives, schematically rendered, following the conventions of pop art. The work is presented in black and white, so as not to “betray” to visitors the profusion of colours they will be amazed by once they enter the exhibition space. Soteurs work invites visitors to dream of Smyrna in their own way.

👉 The temporary exhibition “Smyrna in the early 20th century. Through the eyes of the Byzantinist Georgios Lampakis” is inaugurated on Thursday, December 22 at 18:30 at the Byzantine and Christian Museum.