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ILISSIA issue No 4

Spring 2009


Hellenic-Sudanese collaboration at the Sudan National Museum
A. Tsakos – A. Rahman Ali

The Medieval Nubian Collection in the National Museum in Warsaw
B. Mierzejewska

Sudan Ancient Treasures: Engage the world
J.R. Anderson

The Christian kingdoms of Medieval Sudan. Presentation of an unknown Medieval civilization to the Greek public
A. Bekiaris – A. Tsakos

Silent pasts
K. Kotsakis

If you what would you change in a museum? The “Byzantine re-visits: 21 students intervene in the BCM” exhibition
A. Gazi

Displaying death
D. Stefanidou

Women in museums: The exhibitional absence of a historical presence
E. Margari

A museum exhibition management programme
L. Katsanika-Stefanou

Showcases at the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki
G. Papadeli-Marconi

The temporary assembling of a floor mosaic in an exhibition space
O. Kolefa

Moments of the past. 1964: The establishment of the Photographic Archive of Byzantine Art
V. Chorti

Collection management issues: The case of the Byzantine Museum Collection of Manuscripts, Early Printed Books and Works on Paper
A. Lazaridou

Byzantine Museum News
M. Zindrou

Activities of the Society

Educational journeys in time
P. Vosnidis

Museums in Monuments. A challenge
S. Charalambidou-Divani

Museum and change III. International Conference of Museology in Prague
P. Adam-Veleni

Culture and Technology. Digitizing monuments, collections and archives
E. Stamatopoulou – E. Papadopoulou

Museum studies in Greece: the debate

Ilissia # 3: Impressions