12 September 2017 until 12 November 2017

    Alfredo Romano

    The Galleria Giorgio Persano-Torino in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens is presenting an exhibition by the Italian artist Alfredo Romano, Angelis suis mandavit de te, at the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The exhibition includes works from the late 80s to the present, together with works and installations made specifically for this exhibition in order to establish a specific and complex dialogue with the items in the museums own collections.

  • A JOURNEY THE HOLY LAND through the proskynetarie from the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

    30 July 2017 until 31 October 2017

    at the museum of the Holy Monastery of Annunciation (Evangelistria) of Skiathos

    In more recent times, beginning in the 16th century and culminating in the period between the 17th and 19th century, systematic information regarding the holy pilgrimage sites that must not be missed by the visitor are given in manuscript and printed proskynetaria (pilgrims guides) to the Holy Land. These travel guides, usually illustrated, are intended for Orthodox Christians and contain information regarding the stations in Christs earthly life and Passion. The illustrations of the Proskynetaria mark spatial entities which serve as a map of the holy shrines, a holy geography of the places through which Christ passed during his earthly life.


    08 June 2017 until 29 October 2017

    The first Greek Modernists And Eleftherios Venizelos

    2017 marks the 100th anniversary since the creation of the famous Techni Group, which has been identifiedin the consciousness of those who deal with the history of modern Greek artwith the birth of modernism in Greece. Was the role of the Techni Group so crucial, in the few years that it was active? Did it truly revitalize the art scene in the capital, which was oversaturated with the long-standing dominance of the Munich School? What was the Groups relationship with Venizelos policy, which embraced the young artists initiative from the very first moment? The anniversary of the centenary offers an opportunity for a fresh look on the Techni Group through a showcasing of the works themselves.