• THE BYZANTINE WORLD of Elias Kontozamanis

    09 May 2017 until 02 July 2017

    The Byzantine and Christian Museum hosts the exhibition The Byzantine World of Elias Kontozamanis. The exhibition illuminates the personal painting approach of the historical narrative of a thousand year empire, the Eastern Roman Empire.


    08 April 2017 until 17 July 2017

    When Elephants Fight, It is the Frogs That Suffer-A Sonic Graffiti

    The installation consists of 16 loudspeakers playing a symphony of frogs croaking. The sound archive is made of a) frogs croaking b) human voices imitating frogs croaking c) human voices reciting proverbs d) human voices reading parts of Aristophanes play Frogs. Both Aristophanes Frogs and Ben Patterson's earlier work Pond have influenced the development and the artistic result of this work.