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Temporary exhibitions


    25 June 2018 until 22 July 2018

    International Icon Painting Competition

    In the context of the annual icon painting competition organized by the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.), the exhibition «The Resurrection of Jesus Christ» is hosted at the Byzantine and Christian Museum from June 25th to July 22nd 2018, presenting 63 works which participated in the competition, after being selected by an international experts’ jury.

  • Byzantium and the Others in the First Millennium: An Empire of stability in a turbulent era

    The exhibition of the Byzantine and Christian Museum emphasizes the role of the Byzantine Empire, between 300-1000 AD, as a pole of stability in a period of great uncertainties and conflicts (upheavals and reversals) in the European world as well as in the broader Mediterranean area.