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Temporary exhibitions

  • Road of Light and Hope-Voyage of Hellenism to Japan

    16 January 2019 until 28 January 2019

    A philosophy shared by East and West: Eternity exists in a moment and the whole world is in a speck of dust. Thus, if one universe is a part of the bigger one, and if all is one and one is all, we can regard all ourselves as one from the tiniest atom to the largest universe. Everyone is a part of everything and all is interconnected: this is the core message of Road of Light and Hope whose ancient Eurasian wisdom arrived in Japan 1300 - 1500 years ago via the Silk Road and even today survives in the form of art. The Eurasian trail where this all-inclusive vision was fostered, and where beauty and wisdom interacted as a Road of the Vairocana Buddhas introduction to Japan, is an inspiration for oneness of all, transcending East and West, as well as North and South.

  • Retrospective exhibition Gregoris Balogiannis

    12 December 2018 until 04 February 2019

    The retrospective exhibition at the Byzantine and Christian Museum presents a selective overview of the painter career (1966-2017). The twenty one works on display reflect the artists lesson of byzantine and post-byzantine art and reveal his personal interest for the Macedonian School which Balogiannis translated with bright and intensive colours. Gregoris Balogiannis introduced new iconographic themes as the Christ Creator of the World and the Virgin of Tenderness.