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Road of Light and Hope -Voyage of Hellenism to Japan

Photography Exhibition

The Japanese Embassy in Greece, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII), announce the co-organized Photography Exhibition Road of Light and Hope Voyage of Hellenism to Japan of the artist Miro Ito.

The exhibition kicks off a series of related events to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Japan-Greece Diplomatic Relations (1899-2019).

The exhibition features a rare collection of 46 photos of sculptures and other cultural treasures from the Buddhist temple Tōdaiji and the Shinto shrine Kasuga-Taisha, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nara -the ancient capital of Japan at the far east of the Silk Road-the earliest trading route connecting China and Greece. 

The works of the photographer-artist Miro Ito portray ancient Asian/Eurasian cultural heritage preserved in Japan, in the hope of creating messages of peace in todays divided society through our cultural common ground.