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The museological journal ILISSIA

The Byzantine and Christian Museum has been publishing ILISSIA, a biannual museological journal published in separate English and Greek editions, since 2007. ILISSIA seeks to contribute to the debate on issues affecting museum professionals in Greece and internationally.

As such, its articles on different aspects of museum activities, special focus issues, presentations of museums, and reviews of conferences and books aim to foster the exchange of views and ideas and to create a forum where museum theory can meet museum practice.

The journal was named after the Villa Ilissia, the winter residence Stamatis Kleanthes built for Sophie de Marbois, Duchess of Plaisance, on the banks of the Ilissos River in 1848, which has been the Museums home since 1930.

  • ILISSIA 7-8


    Autumn 2010 Spring 2011

    Demetrios Konstantios: academe and cultural management as social praxis (in Greek / English issue forthcoming)

  • ILISSIA issue No 4


    Spring 2009

    MAIN TOPIC: Approaches to Exhibiting Medieval Nubia

  • ILISSIA issue No 3

    02 September 2008

    Autumn 2008

    MAIN TOPIC: Museum Studies in Greece.

  • ILISSIA issue No 2


    MAIN TOPIC: Museum Collections Mobility.

  • ILISSIA issue No 1


    Autumn 2007

    MAIN TOPIC: The new Byzantine & Christian Museum