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  • Byzantine and Christian Museum new temporary exhibition “The Byzantine World of Tassos Mantzavinos”

    27 September 2022

    The new temporary exhibition of the Byzantine and Christian Museum entitled “The Byzantine World of Tassos Mantzavinos” will be inaugurated on Friday 14 October 2022 at 19:30. In a comprehensive presentation of more than 100 drawings, constructions, paintings and works on textile, the exhibition considers the artist¢s dialogue with Byzantine culture, art and .....

  • Temporary exhibition of the artist Maria-Smaragda Skourta: Byzantine Transcriptions. Gardens full of light

    28 July 2022 until 27 October 2022

    The Byzantine and Christian Museum presents the solo exhibition of the distinguished visual artist Maria-Smaragda Skourta entitled "Byzantine Transcriptions. Gardens full of light". In the painting section entitled "Gardens full of light", the artist s works are inspired by the iconographic motifs of the Byzantine illuminated manuscripts and the nature motifs of the Museum s gardens...

  • Ôemporary photographic exhibition by Vassilis Artikos «…In drum and dance ” at the rock-cut churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

    25 June 2022 until 09 October 2022

    The Byzantine & Christian Museum presents the photographic temporary exhibition of the renowned fine art photographer Vassilis Artikou "In drum and dance "at the rock-cut churches of Lalibela". Through the photographic lens of Vassilis Artikos, museum visitors will have ...

  • From Byzantium to the Modern World Handmade Ceramics of Chios -17th–19th c.

    10 March 2023 until 15 May 2023

    The Byzantine & Christian Museum and the Directorate of Modern and Intangible Cultural Heritage invite you to the opening of the temporary exhibition “From Byzantium to the Modern World. Handmade Ceramics of Chios (17th–19th c.), and the presentation of Nikos Liaros¢s book “Ceramics of Chios (17th–19th c.) – Angelos Vlastaris Collection” on Thursday 9 March 2023 at 16:00....

  • New temporary exhibition: Smyrna in the early 20th century. Through the eyes of the Byzantinist Georgios Lampakis

    18 December 2022

    The temporary exhibition “Smyrna in the early 20th century. Through the eyes of the Byzantinist Georgios Lampakis” is inaugurated on Thursday, December 22 at 18:30 at the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The exhibition is co-organized by the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme “Cultural Heritage Management: Archaeology, City and Architecture” and the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The Lampakis Family Archives, a valuable source for the Asia Minor Greek communities before 1922, provides the majority of the exhibits, to which objects of the BCM Collections are added. The Lampakis Family Archives encompass the archives of the Lampakis family members, who have been playing an essential role in Greek society since the late 19th century. The archive of the Byzantinist Georgios Lampakis, in particular, contains a plethora of information on the monuments as well as the Greek communities of Asia Minor of the early 20th century. The Archives, a significant tool for researchers, constitute a collection of individual archives, such as the Inscription Archive that preserves Greek inscriptions, originally found in churches and objects, now forever lost; the Correspondence Archive, consisting of letters by important agents of the Greek communities that shed light on the problems, the anxiety and the differences between the Greeks in the region; and the Archive of Journals from the journeys of Georgios Lampakis, which he did not succeed in publishing in his lifetime, and concern mainly Christian monuments of all periods. Georgios Lampakis, also on account of his position as Queen Olga¢s private ....


    18 September 2021 until 29 April 2022

    The exhibition LEPANTO 1571, 450 YEARS SINCE THE GREATEST VICTORY OF THE CHRISTIANS is organised in the context of the anniversary programme of the Byzantine and Christian Museum "From the Fall of Constantinople to the Greek Revolution, 1453-1821" celebrating 200 years since the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence.

  • New Temporary Photographic Exhibition of Erieta ATTALI titled LIMINA

    09 July 2021 until 31 October 2021

    On Thursday, July 8, at 20.30, the Byzantine and Christian Museum has the special honor and pleasure to inaugurate inside and outside its premises “Limina”, a great temporary exhibition of the internationally recognized and award-winning Greek-Israeli architecture and landscape photographer Ms Erieta Attali.....

  • Relay to Tokyo- Inheriting and Gathering

    14 July 2020 until 14 September 2020

    The Japan Foundation and the Byzantine and Christian Museum present the exhibition of contemporary Japanese art “Relay to Tokyo - Inheriting and Gathering”.

  • Chinese works of art from the I. and D. Passas Collection

    17 December 2019 until 29 November 2020

    The temporary exhibition “Chinese works of art from the I. and D. Passas Collection”, organized by the Byzantine and Christian Museum, is the first public presentation of objects from the Passas Foundation¢s collection of Asian art.

  • 40 years since the signing of the Treaty of Accession of Greece to the European Communities

    28 November 2019

    From 25th November until 19 December 2019

    Upon completion of 40 years of the signing of the Treaty of Accession of Greece to the European Communities, the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the “Konstantinos G. Karamanlis” Foundation, present an exhibition of documents, photographs and newsreels from the period of the relative negotiations (1975-1979).

  • Sculptures Exhibition

    27 September 2019 until 28 October 2019

    An open Sculptures Exhibition, with no specific theme, is presented by The Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece in the outdoor area of the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

  • Tímea Karkiss - Mosaic Harmony

    23 September 2019 until 22 November 2019

    The exhibition features a wide selection of mosaic artworks of Tímea Karkiss from the past 15 years. Tímea Karkiss creates her mosaics with the original ancient, classical technique used in the Roman and Byzantine era. She uses hand-broken stones and glass mosaic tiles. These noble and natural materials can be merged/mixed in countless variations which are very suitable for the execution of artworks.

  • George Kordis: Writing the Light’ Portable Icons 2005-2019

    16 September 2019 until 15 November 2019

    George Kordis was born in Makryrrachi, Phthiotis, in 1956. He studied theology at the University of Athens and iconography under the tutelage of Fr. Symeon Symeou. He then continued his studies at the graduate level in theology and in the aesthetics of Byzantine art at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Boston. He also studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in the same city.

  • Our Sacred Beauty. Byzantine icons from Thessaloniki

    18 July 2019 until 03 November 2019

    The exhibition: Our Sacred Beauty. Byzantine icons from Thessaloniki, was organized in the Holy Patriarchal Monastery of Vlatadon, on the occasion of the completion of the jubilee of the Patriarchal Foundation for Patristic Studies in 2018.

  • Exhibition ERGA 2017 - 2019 of the Workshop of Frescoes and the Technique of Portable Icons


    June 6 2019 - September 9 2019

    The exhibition presents 74 works of both teachers and students of the Workshop of Frescoes and the Technique of Portable Icons. Mural painting as a specific subject in the application of painting was provided in the curriculum of our National School of Art as early as 1930. In 1961, the Application Workshops, as they were called then, of the A.S.F.A. were founded with the aim of the through specific training and exercises acquisition of professional competence of students, extending to the branches of the Fine Arts.

  • “Road of Light and Hope”

    16 January 2019 until 10 February 2019

    A philosophy shared by East and West: “Eternity exists in a moment and the whole world is in a speck of dust”. Thus, if one universe is a part of the bigger one, and if “all is one and one is all”, we can regard all ourselves as one — from the tiniest atom to the largest universe. Everyone is a part of everything and all is interconnected: this is the core message of “Road of Light and Hope” whose ancient Eurasian wisdom arrived in Japan 1300 - 1500 years ago via the Silk Road and even today survives in the form of art. The Eurasian trail where this all-inclusive vision was fostered, and where beauty and wisdom interacted as a “Road of the Vairocana Buddha’s introduction to Japan”, is an inspiration for oneness of all, transcending East and West, as well as North and South.

  • Retrospective exhibition Gregoris Balogiannis

    12 December 2018 until 04 February 2019

    The retrospective exhibition at the Byzantine and Christian Museum presents a selective overview of the painter career (1966-2017). The twenty one works on display reflect the artist’s lesson of byzantine and post-byzantine art and reveal his personal interest for the Macedonian School which Balogiannis translated with bright and intensive colours. Gregoris Balogiannis introduced new iconographic themes as the Christ Creator of the World and the Virgin of Tenderness.

  • “Treasures of the Middle Ages” from the collections of the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw

    05 December 2018 until 14 January 2019

    The travelling exhibition “Treasures of the Middle Ages” first opened in 2007 and was presented at different cities in Poland and in the rest of Europe: Germany, Ireland, Finland and Norway. The exhibition presents 445 objects, mainly jewellery, some of the most precious and representative items from the collections of the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw. Artifacts, dating from the 11th to the 13th century, were made of various precious materials (silver, gold, copper alloy, glass, semiprecious stones) and either were unearthed during the last century in archaeological excavations in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine or donated by private antiquities collectors of the 19th century.

  • Small Sculptures Exhibition

    12 October 2018 until 12 November 2018

    An open Small Sculptures Exhibition, with no specific theme, is presented by The Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece in the outdoor area of the Byzantine and Christian Museum.


    25 June 2018 until 22 July 2018

    International Icon Painting Competition

    In the context of the annual icon painting competition organized by the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) www.eiao.org, the exhibition «The Resurrection of Jesus Christ» is hosted at the Byzantine and Christian Museum from June 25th to July 22nd 2018, presenting 63 works which participated in the competition, after being selected by an international experts’ jury.

  • Byzantium and the Others in the First Millennium: An Empire of stability in a turbulent era

    The exhibition of the Byzantine and Christian Museum emphasizes the role of the Byzantine Empire, between 300-1000 AD, as a pole of stability in a period of great uncertainties and conflicts (upheavals and reversals) in the European world as well as in the broader Mediterranean area.

  • ONION CUPOLAS IN LANDSCAPE. Orthodox Churches and Chapels & Estonia

    19 May 2018 until 17 June 2018

    Estonia has always been a borderland on Europe’s religious landscape. To the east of the country lies the Orthodox world; in the other directions the Western church has always held sway. Orthodox Christianity has never been the dominant religion in these parts, but at different times and in different places it has nevertheless played a significant role – primarily for the Russians who have lived here, but also for Estonians, and in particular Estonians residing in the easternmost parts of the country.

  • The wild flowers of Varlamos

    The exhibition “The wild flowers of Varlamos”, organised by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, presents the works of the painter-engraver Giorgos Varlamos around wild flowers. The exhibition includes 120 works (oils, watercolors, drawings, engravings) and is structured in three sections: “Wild Flowers”, “Meteora” and a third section with drawings and engravings from the period of the Dictatorship in Greece. Along with Varlamos artistic work, the exhibition presents a small part of his workshop: his engraving tools and personal items, which bring his work and action into life.

  • Cycladic snapshots. Monuments and People.

    22 November 2017 until 10 April 2018

    This exhibition, organized by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades in collaboration with the French School at Athens and the Byzantine and Christian Museum, brings together a selection of “snapshots” starring those who worked to uncover, protect, and enhance the unique archaeological and cultural wealth of the Cyclades from the late 19th century to the present. It includes one-of-a-kind archaeological exhibits from the islands, most of which are being exhibited for the first time.


    11 September 2017 until 12 November 2017

    Alfredo Romano

    The Galleria Giorgio Persano-Torino in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens is presenting an exhibition by the Italian artist Alfredo Romano, Angelis suis mandavit de te, at the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The exhibition includes works from the late 80’s to the present, together with works and installations made specifically for this exhibition in order to establish a specific and complex dialogue with the items in the museum’s own collections.

  • A JOURNEY ÔÏ THE HOLY LAND through the proskynetarie from the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

    29 July 2017 until 31 October 2017

    at the museum of the Holy Monastery of Annunciation (Evangelistria) of Skiathos

    In more recent times, beginning in the 16th century and culminating in the period between the 17th and 19th century, systematic information regarding the holy pilgrimage sites that must not be missed by the visitor are given in manuscript and printed proskynetaria (pilgrim’s guides) to the Holy Land. These travel guides, usually illustrated, are intended for Orthodox Christians and contain information regarding the stations in Christ’s earthly life and Passion. The illustrations of the Proskynetaria mark spatial entities which serve as a map of the holy shrines, a holy geography of the places through which Christ passed during his earthly life.


    07 June 2017 until 28 October 2017

    The first Greek Modernists And Eleftherios Venizelos

    2017 marks the 100th anniversary since the creation of the famous “Techni Group”, which has been identified—in the consciousness of those who deal with the history of modern Greek art—with the birth of modernism in Greece. Was the role of the “Techni Group” so crucial, in the few years that it was active? Did it truly revitalize the art scene in the capital, which was oversaturated with the long-standing dominance of the Munich School? What was the Group’s relationship with Venizelos’ policy, which embraced the young artists’ initiative from the very first moment? The anniversary of the centenary offers an opportunity for a fresh look on the “Techni Group” through a showcasing of the works themselves.

  • “THE BYZANTINE WORLD” of Elias Kontozamanis

    08 May 2017 until 01 July 2017

    The Byzantine and Christian Museum hosts the exhibition “The Byzantine World” of Elias Kontozamanis. The exhibition illuminates the personal painting approach of the historical narrative of a thousand year empire, the Eastern Roman Empire.


    07 April 2017 until 16 July 2017

    “When Elephants Fight, It is the Frogs That Suffer-A Sonic Graffiti”

    The installation consists of 16 loudspeakers playing “a symphony of frogs croaking.” The sound archive is made of a) frogs croaking b) human voices imitating frogs croaking c) human voices reciting proverbs d) human voices reading parts of Aristophanes’ play “Frogs”. Both Aristophanes’ “Frogs” and Ben Patterson's earlier work “Pond” have influenced the development and the artistic result of this work.


    02 November 2016 until 07 March 2017

    open hours: Monday 10:00-16:00 | Tuesday-Sunday: 09:30-17:30

    The exhibition with Treasures from the Collections of the State Hermitage Museum is the culmination of a series of exhibitions and events which the Byzantine and Christian Museum staged in 2016 to celebrate the dedicatory cross-cultural year ‘Greece in Russia, Russia in Greece 2016’.

  • Icons from the State Tretyakov Gallery’s Collection. The Russian Icon Painting after the Fall of Constantinople

    25 September 2016 until 24 October 2016

    “Russia in Greece – Greece in Russia”

    The exhibition “Icons from the State Tretyakov Gallery’s Collection. The Russian Icon Painting after the Fall of Constantinople” is presented within the frameworks of the events celebrating 2016 as the year “Russia in Greece – Greece in Russia”. The exhibition was preceded by the presentation of a distinguished icon of the State Treytakov Gallery’s Collection, the icon of the Ascension, connected with the famous religious painter Andrej Rublev. Officially presented by the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin and the Greek Prime-Minister in May 2016, the Ascension icon will remain in display in our Museum premises and contribute, along with the newly arrived icons, to make the Byzantine Museum visitors acquainted with Russian Religious Painting.

  • ANDREI RUBLEV. A God inspired religious painter.

    26 May 2016 until 24 October 2016

    Andrei Rublev''s, the icon of the Ascension

    The icon of the Ascension, painted by the famous Russian religious painter Andrei Rublev in 1408, came from the Tretyakov State Gallery to the Byzantine & Christian Museum to be displayed from June to September 2016. It is a forerunner of the works from the Tretyakov State Gallery and the Hermitage Museum that will be exhibited at the Museum within the cultural activities celebrating 2016 as the year of “Russia in Greece and Greece in Russia”. Saint Andrei Rublev, a monk and God-inspired religious painter (late 14th century-circa 1430), is a symbol of the Orthodox Russian art. His works, revealing high artistic charisma and ascetic spirituality, are among the most splendid examples of Russian religious painting. The exhibition was sponsored and co-operated by Prometheus Gas, a company of Gazprom and Copelouzos Group.

  • Sacred Geography. Proskynetaria to the Holy Land (17th - 19th c.)

    19 May 2016 until 03 September 2016

    Pilgrimage to the Holy Land begins in the first Christian centuries and spreads after the establishment of majestic churches in Jerusalem. By the middle of the 17th century, the actions of the Jerusalem Patriarchate, the dependencies of the Holy Sepulchre and the systematization of zeteia (optional offerings of money) contributed to the flourishing of pilgrimage journeys. At that time, Pilgrim’s Guides (Proskynetaria) to the Holy Land appear,...

  • "Armenia. The spirit of Ararat from the Bronze Age to the 20th century"

    14 March 2016 until 30 May 2016

    The Byzantine & Christian Museum hosts for the first time in its halls a historical exhibition of archaeological findings and cultural treasures of Armenia. One hundred and four objects from the Yerevan History Museum become witnesses of the history of Armenians since prehistoric times and highlight their Hellenistic and Byzantine past ¯the Armenians were subordinates to the states of Alexander the Great and his successors, and citizens, allies or friends of the Byzantine Empire.

  • Fotis Kontoglou from Kydonies: by his hand and imagination

    24 December 2015 until 07 May 2016

    In 2015, the Byzantine & Christian Museum is honouring Fotis Kontoglou (1895-1965) on the 50th anniversary of his death; the Museum dedicates to the artist a major retrospective exhibition that presents Kontoglou’s multifaceted contributions to 20th-century Greek culture as an artist, a painter of religious and secular works, a writer, a critic, a colour researcher, a conservator.

  • A Lasting Faith: Orthodoxy in the Holy Land

    09 December 2015 until 31 January 2016

    Dafna Tal

    Born in the Holy Land, the cradle of the monotheistic religions, Christianity has maintained a constant presence in the area since the first day of its inception. Twenty centuries later churches, monasteries and convents of all denominations are still part of the natural landscape either in the heart of cities, hilltops or in remote desert regions.

  • "Domenikos Theotokopoulos before El Greco"

    04 December 2014 until 30 March 2015

    This is the first exhibition which attempts to interpret Domenikos Theotokopoulos in terms of the social and cultural environment which impacted on his artistic choices. The exhibition is in three parts.

  • Temporary exhibition "ÄÉÁ"

    25 September 2014 until 29 October 2014

    Each participant chooses one of the above words or any other word from the dictio-nary that includes the preposition “dia” (inter- in English).

  • Dimitris Condos - Votive Offerings

    15 July 2014 until 04 October 2014

    The votive offerings by Dimitris Condos (1931-1996) is a group of 14 works that has been presented for the first time in the art Gallery Desmos in March 1975. The artist chose to work on the synthetic dipole icon and valuable devotional offerings, primarily jewelry in several variations, in order to comment on current political and social issues.

  • George Hadjimichalis' “Officinae Pictorum / c.1221-c.1445, The journey”

    The presentation of the spatial installation by George Hadjimichalis entitled “Officinae Pictorum / c.1221-c.1445, The journey” is part of a series of exploratory and critical temporary exhibitions concerning the theoretical reflection on the cultural relations between East and West...

  • Away from the church… An 11th-c. Treasure from the Cluny Museum

    The Byzantine & Christian Museum is celebrating in 2014 the centenary of its foundation. In the context of scholarly activities that it organizes in common with Museums and Institutions worldwide, the Byzantine & Christian Museum collaborates with the Cluny Museum in Paris, one of the most important Museums in France dedicated to the Medieval Era, and is inaugurating an exhibition cycle under the general title “Byzantium and Medieval Western Europe″. The purpose is the parallel presentation and the comparison of western and eastern artistic, theological, social and cultural aspects of the Middle Ages.

  • "PLEDGES" by Kalliopi Lemos

    16 March 2014 until 04 September 2014

    The site-specific installation "PLEDGES" by Kalliopi Lemos in the courtyard of the Byzantine and Christian Museum focuses on the human struggle through life. In an era of deep economic and social crisis, the Museum chooses to display a contemporary work of art imbued with the notions of interculturality, of social solidarity and equity, of peace...

  • Fotis Sarris (1937-2011). Painting.

    29 January 2014 until 17 May 2014

    The retrospective of the painter Fotis Sarris at the Byzantine and Christian Museum, two and a half years after his death, illuminates for the first time his artistic journey in its entirety. Simultaneously, it presents his relationship with the Byzantine art, a relationship which has hardly been studied and commented until now. The exhibition attempts to highlight the interactive relationship of the artist with the content and the patterns of the Byzantine painting tradition that is expressed through a deeply personal and primarily political artistic creation.

  • “Talking Icons: The Dissemination of Devotional Paintings in Russia and the Balkans, 16th – 19th century”

    15 January 2014 until 29 September 2014

    Fifteenth-century Europe witnessed the development of a distinct type of religious painting which combined novel iconography with extensive texts. A form of illustrated sermon, these “talking icons” would figure in the religious disputes centred on the reform of Church and society that raged across most of 16th- and 17th-century Europe as all sides sought to establish broad social alliances. This exhibition includes three such paintings from the collections of the Byzantine and Christian Museum: The Wisdom of God, The Trial of Christ and The Living Cross.The exhibition is part of the “Exhibit of the Month” series introduced in Greece by the Byzantine and Christian Museum. A common practice in major European museums, the “Exhibit of the Month” seeks to present to the public museum objects that are not particularly well known.

  • A Temporary Exhibition Within The Permanent Exhibition. Museums Make Connections.

    September 2013 - May 2015

    The extrovert communication policy of organizing exhibitions that highlight objects outside of their collections has become an established practice of museums internationally. The benefits are many: the promotion of scholarly knowledge, of research and documentation, the recontextualization of the archaeological items, the cooperation and networking of museums, but most importantly, the increased accessibility.

  • A World's First!

    September 2013 - February 2015

    OptoClones at the Byzantine & Christian Museum (Â×Ì), Athens

    The use of display holography for visual recording of objects of cultural interest and their further presentation to wide public has already been applied on multiple occasions since the early 80s. Scythian treasures, religious relics, archaeological and anthropological findings as well as historical works of art have been made available for holographic recording from famous Museums such as the British Museum in London or Hermitage in Leningrad of the (then) USSR.

  • Tassos Triandafyllou, Identities. Baloukli and the Romioi [Greeks] in Constantinople, 19th c.

    10 January 2014 until 26 April 2014

    The exhibition is structured in two parts and, therefore, possesses artistic as well as archaeological interest. The artist Tassos Triandafyllou presents fifteen works (graphite on paper), in which he imprinted, during the summer of 2010, fifteen gravestones that today pave the courtyard of the Greek-Orthodox Monastery of Baloukli in Constantinople. Since the works created by Tassos Triandafyllou provide valuable information about the Community of the Romioi (Greeks) of the 19th-c. Constantinople, the Museum considered appropriate and interesting to present these works accompanied with relevant information and archaeological material from its Permanent Collections. In this way the contemporary creation is incorporated into the sociopolitical context of the 19th c.-Constantinople, and the exhibition acquires chronological, geographical, sociopolitical and artistic relevance.

  • Leontios Machairas’ Exegeses by Lefteris Olympios

    26 September 2013 until 15 December 2013

    Ôhe Byzantine & Christian Museum inaugurated the temporary exhibition Leontios Machairas’ Exegeses by Lefteris Olympios. The twenty four drawings and the sketchbook that are presented in the exhibition were created in order to illustrate the publication Leontios Machairas, Exegeses in Remembrance of Time and Place by Natia Anaxagorou.

  • «Great Books of the Artists» published by Stratis Eleftheriadis (Teriade)

    18 June 2013 until 12 January 2014

    The Byzantine & Christian Museum exhibits 26 of the 27 «Great Books of the Artists» published by Stratis Eleftheriadis (Teriade) in Paris from 1943 to 1975. The Greek cosmopolitan chose to work with great artists, architects, painters and sculptors of the 20th century, by proposing them the creation of editions.

  • "Passages of Substance" by Kalliopi Lemos

    12 May 2013 until 10 November 2013

    The cooperation of the Byzantine & Christian Museum with the Danish Embassy in Athens is part of the celebration programme for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Danish philosopher and religious thinker Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855).

  • “Serbian Ìedieval Art”

    27 May 2013 until 15 September 2013

    The Byzantine & Christian Museum, in collaboration with the National Museum of Belgrade, organizes the exhibition “Serbian Ìedieval Art”. Ôhe medieval culture of Serbia was permeated with West European and Byzantine influences. This Balkan state, Serbia, independent (from 1180 onwards) and powerful under the leadership of Nemanja Dynasty (1166-1371), stood always between the Byzantine world and the West.

  • Architectural Treasures from the Heartland of the Medieval Serbian Kingdom

    16 April 2013 until 18 May 2013

    The photographic exhibition "Architectural Treasures from the Heartland of the Medieval Serbian Kingdom", organized by the Museum of Byzantine Culture (March 2012-December 2013), is now presented at the Byzantine and Christian Museum...

  • “Image and Scripture. Greek Presence in Messina from the Middle Ages to Modernity”

    March 23 - August 23, 2013

    Museo Interdisciplinare Regionale “Maria Accascina, Messina, Sicily, 23 March - 26 May 2013 Sala Duca di Montalto, Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo, Sicily, 5 June - 23 August 2013

    The exhibition deals with the Greek presence in Sicily from the Âyzantine era to the 19th century, focusing on the city of Messina, where a flourishing Greek Community existed. A number of Âyzantine and post-Âyzantine icons from the Community’s Church, Saint Nicholas “of the Greeks”, has been the starting point for the exhibition project. The icons were rescued from the ruins of the church by the crew of the Greek warship “Sfakteria” shortly after the big earthquake of the 28th of December 1908, which devastated the city of Messina. They were immediately transferred to Athens, in safety, and a few years later, in June 1915, they entered the Collection of the newly founded (in November 1914) Byzantine & Christian Museum.

  • Kostas Papastamoulis. “Church and Monument: Byzantine monuments looking towards the Akropolis rock”

    09 April 2013 until 11 May 2013

    The painter Kostas Papastamoulis, following the practice of painting historical sites, which refers to a long artistic tradition, focuses on his recent works on the Akropolis rock. He depicts the site as seen from every corner of the city, at any time of the day, in different weather conditions, and links his main subject with the Byzantine, post-Byzantine, and Ottoman monuments.

  • Yiannis Kastritsis' "Interpretation of Lives"

    11 February - 31 March 2013

    The painter Yiannis Kastritsis through his exhibition Interpretation of Lives in the Byzantine & Christian Museum becomes part of the chorus of contemporary artists who are inspired by Byzantine tradition.

  • Garden & Paradise. Metaphor and Reality.

    23 January 2013 until 16 April 2013

    The choice of subject-matter for this year’s diary and of the small exhibition accompanying it, stems directly from the proposals submitted for the remodelling of the Museum grounds. Perusing the selected artefacts presented in the exhibition, the visitor can embark on their own search for paradise...

  • Lefteris Olympios “Facing Byzantium”

    04 December 2012 until 03 February 2013

    Lefteris Olympios’ exhibition “Facing Byzantium” contains selected works representative of his artistic creation (1993-2012). It is also a response to an important aspect of art:the contemporary artistic idiom can reformulate religious iconographic themes in a fascinating way.

  • Helen Apostolopoulos' 'Forms'

    07 October 2012 until 25 November 2012

    Helen Apostolopoulos brings her unique sculptural forms, borne in part of her study of important archaeological collections and monuments, to the Byzantine Museum. Her years in the Hellenic Archaeological Service brought her into contact with important examples and groups of muralled monuments, which she studied methodically and drew with artistic flair.

  • "Byzantine Salento. Through the camera of Foteini Kaimaki"

    02 October 2012 until 15 January 2013

    The Salento region in Southern Italy includes the province of Lecce and parts of the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto. The region was contested by the Lombards and Byzantines from 476, year of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, to 876, when it finally became a Byzantine holding. After the Norman conquest of 1071 the Byzantines left Salento. Byzantine culture and practices survived into the following centuries however, enduring in church fresco decorations up until the 14th c. and in the use of the Greek liturgy until the 17th c.

  • 'The Art of Bookbinding: From Byzantium to Contemporary Artistic Creation'

    Founded in 1914, the Byzantine and Christian Museum is one of the oldest museums in Greece devoted exclusively to Byzantine art and civilization. The whole of the museum’s collection of manuscript codices and incunabula highlights valuable material.

  • Theodoros Papagiannis "Bread"

    17 June 2012 until 22 September 2012

    For the exhibition in the Byzantine & Christian Museum Theodoros Papagiannis chose to present representative works from his artistic production from the last 15 years in a really new concept. The bread, a symbol of great importance for Christianity and a favourite subject for the artist, is the core around which the narrative of the exhibition is organized.

  • The FACES of Ioannis Lassithiotakis

    03 April 2012 until 03 June 2012

    On Wednesday, April 4th 2012 at 19.30 is inaugurated in the Byzantine and Christian Museum the exhibition of Ioannis Lassithiotakis "Faces". The artist presents 30 works, which he created during the last few years.

  • Per Kirkeby: A creative dialogue with Byzantine art.

    02 February 2012 until 24 March 2012

    Per Kirkeby, one of the most important neo-expressionists artist in Denmark, is presented for the first time in Greece, in an exhibition that depicts his development through 29 selected works. Painter, sculptor, writer and poet Kirkeby is inspired by Byzantine art which he approached with his particular personal style.

  • Exhibition of the Byzantine & Christian Museum at Athens International Airport

    10 January 2012 until 29 April 2012

    Athens International Airport, in the framework of its cooperation with the Byzantine & Christian Museum, hosts at its premises a photo exhibition of the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition.

  • Efthimios Warlamis. "Mount Athos".

    08 November 2011 until 08 January 2012

    The exhibition is presenting about fifty paintings depict mainly landscapes and monasteries of the Mount Athos.

  • “Within/Beyond Borders. The Collection of the European Bank of Investment”

    19 September 2011 until 29 October 2011

    The European Investment Bank’s art collection, which comprises some 550 works of art (paintings, photographs, works on paper, sculptures and installations), features the creations of both emblematic and emerging figures in contemporary art.

  • “Roma in the Byzantine Museum”

    21 May 2011 until 10 June 2011

    The action “Roma in the Byzantine Museum” contains various events: exhibitions, screenings...

  • "Wall paintings from Steni, Euboea, the repatriation"

    16 May 2011 until 03 September 2011

    The Church of the Palaiopanagia, a cross-vaulted structure, stands in an isolated location between the villages of Loutsa and Steni on the island of Euboea. Its wall paintings are artistically noteworthy and may date from the latter half of the 16th century.


    12 April 2011 until 08 September 2014

    The Byzantine and Christian Museum boasts an excellent collection of modern and contemporary art. Most of the works in the collection are copies (paintings, casts, mosaics, wall-paintings) of works by 20th-century artists from Greece and abroad, as well as by artist-conservators who have worked at the Museum.

  • The Duchess of Plaisance: The History Behind the Myth

    16 December 2010 until 26 February 2011

    Sophie Barbe de Marbois, Duchesse de Plaisance (1785-1854). Çow many people know the name of the Duchess of Plaisance?

  • Contemporary church art: Architecture & Painting.

    22 November 2010 until 27 November 2010

    This exhibition of works by contemporary architects and icon painters at the Byzantine and Christian Museum was held in parallel with the “2nd Academic Symposium on Modern Greek Church Art”, which has been organized by the University of Athens, Faculty of Theology in collaboration with scholars from departments of Architecture and Engineering at the University of Patras and elsewhere.

  • Lambros Gatis' "Sculpture Rhapsody"

    05 October 2010 until 13 November 2010

    The Lambros Gatis exhibition was presented in the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens under the title Sculpture Rhapsody, included a series of audiovisual sculptures.

  • Byzantium and modern art

    22 March 2010 until 12 June 2010

    The Byzantine art was a subject for dialogue in the artistic community during the first half of the 20th c. The presented artists participated in this discourse concerning the value of the Byzantine art and incorporated afterwards elements of its heritage in their work.

  • Giorgos Triantafyllou. ARCHETYPES* From huts and sheepfolds to contemporary art and architecture

    19 April 2010 until 04 September 2010

    The periodic exhibitions of the Byzantine & Christian Museum (BCM) host the opening of the exhibition and the presentation of the book by the architect Giorgos Triantafyllou. Both the exhibition and the book are dedicated to the memory of the late Director of BCM Dimitris Constantios.

  • Markos Kampanis, Painting in Mount Athos (1990-2008)

    01 February 2010 until 13 March 2010

    The relationship of Markos Kampanis with the Community of Mount Athos began in 1990. A first trip, which was to be followed by many others till today, was enough to bind him emotionally and artistically with the place and the people. The current exhibition at the Byzantine and Christian Museum presents more than one hundred works through five thematic sections, extensive samples of the twenty year activity of Markos Kampanis associated with Mount Athos.

  • Warhol/Icon: The creation of image

    06 October 2009 until 09 January 2010

    Andy Warhol (Pittsburgh 1928 – New York 1987) is considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century. He played a leading role in the Pop Art movement in America from the early 1960s.


    27 June 2009 until 29 August 2009

    Taking the Museum’s collection “Refugees’ Heirlooms’ as its starting point the exhibition traces the links between the objects and the people.

  • Study at the Prado. Konstantinos K. Kerestetzis. 1990-2007

    04 March 2009 until 02 May 2009

    The series of studies by Konstantinos Kerestetzis on show in the “Study at the Prado” exhibition at the Byzantine and Christian Museum are the result of a creative visual dialogue between the young artist and the great masters rather than the distillation of a long period of learning.


    20 December 2007 until 16 February 2008

    Although the art of enamelling has been known for centuries, it is now practised by very few artists. The Byzantine and Christian Museum is for the first time presenting an exhibition devoted exclusively to the art of enamel on metals. The exhibits cover a wide chronological and geographical spectrum.

  • Thrace-Constantinople. Georgios Lampakis's Journey (1902)

    06 November 2007 until 16 June 2008

  • Yiannis Kolefas (1927-1986). Journey in the art of the mosaic

    27 March 2007 until 16 June 2007

    The exhibition held at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in honour of the artist and conservator Yiannis Kolefas is designed to project his multi-faceted work in the areas of conservation, creative art, and the teaching of the art of the mosaic. In the galleries in the Villa Ilissia, spectators follow Kolefas’s path as conservator, artist, teacher and man, through a significant part of his work.

  • Salvador Dali, the myth of surrealism

    15 January 2007 until 24 March 2007

    In 2007 the Byzantine and Christian Museum brought the Greek public closer to the great Spanish surrealist with the eccentric personality, by exhibiting works that have never come to Greece before.

  • CHINA UNDER THE TANG. A golden era (7th-10th century)

    09 July 2006 until 30 August 2006

    The Byzantine and Christian Museum, in collaboration with the Directorate of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and with the National Museum of China, stages for the first time a major temporary exhibition that reveals unknown aspects of an influential and fascinating culture. The period of the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907) is one of the “golden eras” in the history of China.

  • From Chioniades. Studies and anthivola

    19 March 2006 until 06 May 2006

    Unknown aspects of Post-Byzantine art

    Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Municipal Center of History in Volos present the temporary exhibition "From Chioniades... Studies and anthivola"

  • Masters. Photis Zachariou - Antonis Glinos

    26 February 2006 until 27 May 2006

  • Andritsa Cave. Fateful refuge

    25 September 2005 until 19 November 2005

  • Georgios Tsolozides Collection. Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Art

    31 May 2005 until 14 September 2005

  • 1884-1930. From the Christian Collection to the Byzantine Museum

    28 March 2002 until 30 October 2002

  • Byzantine Hours. Works and days in Byzantium. Byzantium: an oecumenical empire

    22 October 2001 until 09 January 2002

    The concept of the oecumenicity of Byzantium, the Christian empire of the East, is an extension of the theory of the universality of the Roman imperium.

  • A Mystery Great and Wondrous

    27 May 2001 until 30 July 2001

    The Church of Greece is commemorating the 2000th anniversary of the joyful event of the Lord made Man. The culmination of its celebration is the exhibition "A Mystery Great and Wondrous", organized in the Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, in collaboration of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.