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The Byzantine and Christian Museum participates in the project ROMA ROUTES (2010-2012), which is funded with support from the CULTURE 2007-2013 Programme, Co-operation Measures (Strand 1.2.1), of the European Commission.  

The project is coordinated by the Surrey County Council (United Kingdom), and apart from the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the partnership includes the following institutions: Slovene Ethnographic Museum  (Slovenia), Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma (Germany), Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism (Romania).

The project encourages intercultural dialogue between Roma and non Roma by all partner organisations, as well as the exploration and promotion of Roma cultural heritage in a European level. It comprises a series of Roma cultural events in all partners’ countries – exhibitions, conferences, educational programmes, musical and dance events, web site etc. – in order to enhance understanding and exchange ideas and knowledge about the Roma cultural heritage.

The Byzantine and Christian Museum, within the framework of the project, develops educational activities and cultural events that will take place on June 2011. These events aim to promote access to Roma visitors to a national museum.