Manuscript leafs (23113)

Type: Manuscript (facsimile)
BXM: 023113
Exhibition room: II.6 Franks and Latins in Byzantium

Date: 2010

Dimensions (cm): 29X22
Creator: Dimitrios Nikolianos

During the last years the Byzantine & Christian Museum, in order to preserve rare and sensitive pieces of art, follows a politic of creating facsimiles. So, in 2010 a two-leaf facsimile of a parchment Gospel (Tetraevangelon) of the 14th-15th c. (BXM 1619) was made by the Museums painter Dimitris Nikolianos and is exhibited alternately with the original.
The copy procedure was extremely difficult due to the countless ligatures and the miniatures of the original and led the creator to an extend palaeographical study.